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This website is created to showcase the effort made by students, associations, and universities that organize robotics, IT, innovation, and CAD design competitions. They can introduce them for free by filling out this form: add a competition These types of events reinforce the skills of the students and allow them to move out of the world of theory into the world of practice. They can easily find future competitions in the section "Upcoming events" This website also makes it easier to find robotic shops and robotic clubs so that parents can enroll their children. We are currently working on the part of the greater Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco) hoping to integrate other countries thereafter. I would like to thank everyone who helped and encouraged me to accomplish this project.


more than 120 introduced competitions

More than 300 specification sheets are introduced. The content allows the organizer to carefully choose the date of their events while taking into account the dates of other competitions.


more than 50 introduced clubs

Parents can easily find a robotics club to enroll their children in. These clubs help students to be the competitive workforce of tomorrow. Robotics allows them to work on their life skills as well as their social skills.


more than 15 introduced robotics shops

Search for the closest robotics shop to you (Arduino, motors, electronics, sensors...). Get their address, and search on their websites for the best prices.